Enough is enough, PlanetMySQL

Lately planetmysql.com has shown an increasing amount of commercial promotion for Sun products. Many recent articles included in this supposedly MySQL-related feed aggregator have nothing to do with MySQL.

Now I see an article included in the feed from ComputerWorld, about database researcher David Dewitt getting a job at Microsoft. Not only is this non-MySQL-related content, but more than half of the text in this article’s RSS summary is an advertisement for “Expedition Week” on the National Geographic Channel! Here’s what I saw in my RSS reader:

Microsoft hires noted database researcher to help scale SQL Server
from Planet MySQL by ComputerWorld

David DeWitt retired from the Computer Science Department at the University of Wisconsin last year, but he’s already returned, this time as head of a new database research center located on the Madison campus and funded primarily by Microsoft.

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I’m removing planetmysql from my RSS reader. So long — and no thanks for all the Glassfish.






2 responses to “Enough is enough, PlanetMySQL”

  1. gmax Avatar

    Sorry for the hassle. Infoworld had the wrong filter, and I have now changed it to only get MySQL related posts. I should have done that months ago!
    We are working on a new version of PlanetMySQL that will allow users to rate the entries, so that they will be moderated by the community.
    Please bear with us for a while.


  2. Bill Karwin Avatar

    Thanks for the quick response Giuseppe! As always, you are a professional and a gentleman.

    Perhaps I’ll resubscribe to PlanetMySQL after the new version you describe is deployed.

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