Proposals for MySQL Conference

I submitted proposals for the MySQL Conference & Expo.

SQL AntiPatterns II

I thought it would be a no-brainer to do a sequel of my 2007 talk, “SQL AntiPatterns”. That talk was very well attended, thanks to Jay Pipes’ endorsement in his guide to the conference. It’s not hard to come up with all-new content for a sequel!

Topics in this presentation:
* Corrupt your data by storing images in files instead of BLOB fields.
* Kill your query performance using the HAVING clause.
* Use the FLOAT datatype and lose money.
* Add an “id” column to every table — whether it needs one or not.
* Prepare queries using parameters for identifiers and keywords.

Designing Models and Such: using MySQL in MVC Applications

I just recently finished working for Zend Technologies, spending a year developing the database access components for the Zend Framework.

A database like MySQL is an integral part of virtually every web application. This talk describes practical ways to leverage MySQL in your project, to meet goals of development productivity, application performance, and security.

Model-View-Controller (MVC) is a popular architecture pattern for web applications, but it may be novel to PHP developers. Designing Models in an MVC application is the subject of many questions, so this talk will focus on these issues.

Examples use the Zend Framework web application library for PHP 5.

* Designing database-backed Model classes for MVC applications
* Caching data and metadata appropriately
* Storing authentication credentials in a database
* Configuration management and testing issues
* Logging application events to a database

The audience for this talk is assumed to know object-oriented programming concepts in PHP 5.






4 responses to “Proposals for MySQL Conference”

  1. Peter Avatar

    It is funny you mention storing Images in BLOBs as the good idea… a lot of people would suggest it is the anti pattern itself.

    In reality there are reasons both to do it and not to do it depending on your application scale and other properties.

  2. Bill Karwin Avatar

    Agreed. I plan to make that point in my presentation, that there are pros and cons to storing images (and other attachment-like data) in files outside the database.

    But for example, one thing you give if you do store data externally is any hope of the data obeying ACID compliant transactions.

  3. Lars Strojny Avatar

    Is this presentation online available now?

  4. Bill Karwin Avatar

    The presentation file for my 2007 talk is available here:

    I’m still developing the presentation for my 2008 talk.

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