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  • How do the Proxy, Decorator, Adaptor, and Bridge Patterns differ?

    A user recently asked: I was looking at the Proxy Pattern, and to me it seems an awful lot like the Decorator, Adaptor, and Bridge Patterns. Am I misunderstanding something? What’s the difference? Why would I use the proxy pattern veses the others? How have you used them in the past in real world projects? […]

  • Splitting a String in Perl

    A user recently asked: How do I take a string in Perl and split it up into an array with entries two characters long each? Ultimately I want to turn something like this F53CBBA476 into and array containing F5 3C BB A4 76 This was my answer: @array = ( $string =~ m/../g ); The […]

  • Why Should You Use an ORM?

    A user recently asked for good arguments in favor of using Object/Relational Mapping technology: If you were to motivate [sic] the “pro’s” of why you would use an ORM to management/client, what would the reasons be? Try and keep one reason per answer so that we can see what gets voted up as the best […]

  • Learn to Program in 21 Days

    A user recently asked: Has anyone “learned how to program in 21 days?” I’m not a fan of these learn how to program in X amount of days books. Some even boast, learn how to program in 24 hours. This is a joke and an insult to me as a software engineer who went through […]