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  • Running PHP at a Windows 10 Command Line

    Running PHP at a Windows 10 Command Line

    A technical writer friend of mine asked me to help her this week. She needs to run PHP scripts at the command-line on Windows 10. She installed WAMP Server which includes PHP. I think she just needs to change the PATH so when she runs “php” in a command window, it will find the PHP interpreter. I […]

  • Webinar on PHP and MySQL Replication

    Using MySQL replication gives you an opportunity to scale out read queries. However, MySQL replication is asynchronous; the slave may fall behind. This Wednesday, January 23 2013, I’ll be presenting a free webinar about using MySQL replication on busy PHP web sites.  Register here: Applications have variable tolerance for data being out of sync […]

  • Don’t Put the Cart Before the Horse

    Don’t Put the Cart Before the Horse

    April 2nd I made this undiplomatic statement (funny how Twitter practically encourages being provocative): #ZF 2.0 is a great example of second-system syndrome. Matthew Weier O’Phinney and I have a good working relationship. I think his work on the Zend Framework project has been amazing, both from a technology perspective and a marketing perspective. So when […]

  • Announcing Awk on Rails

    Announcing Awk on Rails

    Awk on Rails is a new kind of web application development framework, with a distinction that no other framework has: Awk on Rails is fully POSIX compliant. Awk on Rails brings the best practices of modern web application development to the ALAS stack (Apache, Linux, Awk, Shell). This stack is entirely new to the field […]

  • Parrot Web Framework?

    Wondering if the following idea could be feasible: Architect a web framework that emphasizes Inversion of Control. Implement core web framework in Parrot (now that this dynamic language platform has released its 1.0). Voila! A web framework that supports any language implemented for Parrot platform. Developers write plugins in any language: Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl6, […]

  • Quantity Over Quality

    Alex Netkachov recently reported a list of micro-optimizations for PHP. Several other bloggers (Sebastian, Maggie, Pádraic) responded with appropriate messages, reminding people that proper application design usually counts more than micro-optimizations. They are all correct. When I was an intern, I emailed a C compiler developer, to ask a question that had occurred to me […]

  • ActiveRecord does not suck

    I’ve been reading a few blog postings such as Kore Nordmann’s ActiveRecord sucks and Mike Seth’s ActiveRecord sucks, but Kore Nordmann is wrong. ActiveRecord is fine.  It is a tool that does just what it’s designed to do.  What sucks is when developers try to make it do other things than what it’s intended to do. I […]

  • PDO v2 CLA issues

    Wez Furlong posted a request for discussion regarding the future of PDO and they proposed to adopt a CLA (Contributor License Agreement) to manage contributions to the project. Some questions have come up indicating some misunderstandings about how CLA’s work. As you may know, I worked for about a year as the project manager of […]

  • “Pure” mysqlnd interface feedback

    After I posted my idea about a pure PHP mysqlnd driver, I received an email from Ulf Wendel from the MySQL AB team who works on the mysqlnd driver. He told me I could post his comments since he doesn’t have a Blogger account. I’ll include his comments below in blockquotes and then I’ll comment […]

  • Idea for “pure” mysqlnd interface

    When I first heard about the mysqlnd project at the MySQL Camp in 2006, somehow I thought it was going to be 100% PHP code. I can’t remember now if I was making an incorrect assumption or if they planned to write it in PHP but changed their mind. What we have today is a […]