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  • Parrot Web Framework?

    Wondering if the following idea could be feasible: Architect a web framework that emphasizes Inversion of Control. Implement core web framework in Parrot (now that this dynamic language platform has released its 1.0). Voila! A web framework that supports any language implemented for Parrot platform. Developers write plugins in any language: Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl6, […]

  • Splitting a String in Perl

    A user recently asked: How do I take a string in Perl and split it up into an array with entries two characters long each? Ultimately I want to turn something like this F53CBBA476 into and array containing F5 3C BB A4 76 This was my answer: @array = ( $string =~ m/../g ); The […]

  • Best. Perl Script. Ever.

    A user recently asked: What has been your best programming experience so far? The most successful program I’ve ever written was this Perl script: map(($r=$_,map(($y=$r-$_/3,$l[24-$r] .=(‘ ‘,’@’)[$y**2-20*$y+($_**2)/3<0]),(0..30)),),(0..24)); print join(“\n”, map(reverse($_).$_, @l)), “\n”; I wrote this for a woman I was dating in 2001. Writing a Perl script for my girlfriend is not as geeky as […]