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  • Free Software vs. Gratis Software

    A lot of folks are unclear on the subtleties of free software and open source. Mike Hogan writes a blog article”Is Hybrid Licensing of OSS Hypocrisy?” to try to shed some light on this. With respect, I think he has missed part of it. We’re talking about two orthogonal things here. One is open-source versus […]

  • Can I Use Example Code from Internet Q&A Sites?

    A user recently asked: Scenario: A developer is working on a project and encounters a problem. They ask a question on the internet somewhere (ie Someone answers their question and provides a nice code snippet that just about does what they want. Where does one legally stand if the developer includes the code verbatim […]

  • Is This Legal?

    A user recently asked a question about GPL compatibility with his company’s commercial software offerings: I work for a software / design firm and I recently found out that our “in house” CMS is actually [based on software] licensed under the GPL Ver 2. I would like to know if it is ethical / legal […]