Month: June 2009

  • Free Software vs. Gratis Software

    A lot of folks are unclear on the subtleties of free software and open source. Mike Hogan writes a blog article”Is Hybrid Licensing of OSS Hypocrisy?” to try to shed some light on this. With respect, I think he has missed part of it. We’re talking about two orthogonal things here. One is open-source versus […]

  • I’m Speaking on SQL at OSCON

    I’m Speaking on SQL at OSCON

    Early Registration has been extended to June 23. Save up to $250! Enter my friends-of-speaker discount code “os09fos” when you register, and save an additional 20%! Just because you read my blog. Practical Object-Oriented Models in SQL Wednesday July 22, 5:20pm. SQL is from Mars, Objects are from Venus. This talk is for software developers […]