Month: April 2009

  • SQL Antipatterns Strike Back! Slides

    I presented my tutorial at the MySQL Conference & Expo today. I have fun preparing it and presenting it, and I got many good questions and comments from the audience. Thanks to everyone for coming and participating! I have uploaded my slides with a Creative Common 3.0 license to my SlideShare account: For those […]

  • Oracle buying Sun

    Stunning news today that Oracle has offered to buy Sun Microsystems. This is sending the MySQL community reeling, as they begin their MySQL Conference & Expo today. Everyone’s talking about whether this change is good for MySQL. My first thought is: it’s not over till it’s over. These deals have a way of falling through […]

  • I hate IBM System i

    In his blog, Vadim reports that a new storage pluggable engine for MySQL has appeared in the source tree, to support IBM DB2 for i as a back-end. This reminds me that I hate the IBM System i platform (aka IBM Power Systems, aka iSeries, aka AS/400). Don’t get me wrong — I’m sure it’s […]