Month: January 2008

  • PDO v2 CLA issues

    Wez Furlong posted a request for discussion regarding the future of PDO and they proposed to adopt a CLA (Contributor License Agreement) to manage contributions to the project. Some questions have come up indicating some misunderstandings about how CLA’s work. As you may know, I worked for about a year as the project manager of […]

  • MacBook Air – Almost as Thin as a Sinclair ZX80

    I just watched the photos and text from today’s keynote at MacWorld. Steve Jobs unveiled the MacBook Air, described as the world’s thinnest notebook computer. I suddenly recalled being at a computer graphics user group at UCSC, circa 1982. One of the hobbyists in that group had a Sinclair ZX80, a kit computer from the […]

  • “Pure” mysqlnd interface feedback

    After I posted my idea about a pure PHP mysqlnd driver, I received an email from Ulf Wendel from the MySQL AB team who works on the mysqlnd driver. He told me I could post his comments since he doesn’t have a Blogger account. I’ll include his comments below in blockquotes and then I’ll comment […]