Month: November 2007

  • In Support of the Relational Model

    Every few years, a wave of people claim that the relational model falls short of modeling data structures of modern applications. This includes some really smart people recently such as: – Jim Starkey– Brian Aker– MIT researchers This trend of criticizing the relational model started almost immediately after E. F. Codd published his seminal paper, […]

  • Less code vs. good code

    Alex Netkachov, Vidyut Luther, and Richard Heyes discuss the pros and cons of writing code that is short. Here are some thoughts from me. In general, I don’t think turning three lines of code into one line makes an application better, or more readable, or prettier, or whatever is your goal. The logical extension of […]

  • Enabling the Success of a Software Team

    There are three “must haves” for excellent managers, which I look for when I work for a manager, and which I try to live up to when I work as a manager. I thought I’d write down these thoughts, after seeing Jeremy Cole’s blog this week with some great advice about ways to attract, motivate, […]